Wardrobe Packages


Samson Solitary Suit $ 1495

Suitmaking direct brings you value from cutting out the middlemen. More than just a designer cloth we use floating canvas and a professional Italian finish. Bespoke cutting on premise provides you with the best standards of fit that retailers dare not talk about.  Such things as balanced jackets that stay closed without buttoning or jacket collars that hug the neck are essential for a garment to maintain its shape and last. Slacks that are slim but not too tight are primary.  A brief consultation can reveal more relevant personal details.  Elsewhere off the rack $1700 – $4900  At Samson’swith all cloth available on premise $1795with Barbaris, Loro Piana, Zegna or Cerrutti Cloth.

Suitstyler 2 suits $1495

Two suit choices can cover your work and pleasure needs. You can choose from two most classic wardrobe colour range groups that coordinate best with the majority of dress shirtings.  Or something less usual, like olive/brown,  two suit choices can cover you for till you decide that tailoring design is the best way to build your wardrobe efficiently. Double your pleasure with bespoke fit.


Three Suits- Six Shirts – 3 extra slacks Foundation $3695

A wardrobe foundation is purposely for building rather than replacing your wardrobe.With all classic suit weights cloth,given extra slacks, you can double the life of your wardrobe.With addition over time you can maintain this foundation even longer.Expect at least twelve designer coordinated outfits from this package.

Four Suit or Jacket and Slacks- 8 coordinated shirts- 4 extra coordinated slacks minimum 12 -16 outfits

For a more individual, personal or casual tailoring wardrobe, this package is personally coordinated from knowing you via our casual private consultation process. As these outfits are more casual and coordinated they can look very smart and more attractive in a less corporate business manner.

For those who don’t dress up and need a bridge from their cotton washable wardrobe, this package will please.