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Most men buy a suit as a “band-aid.”
Successful men plan their image as a personal “brand-aid.”
Cut on premise suits looks better

and lasts two to one over rack suits cut.

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A slack that is balanced is more important because it will wear out faster when the “stride” is wrong making pockets open up and often ripping at the thighs or pocket.

This is the end of your suit.

The purpose of a balanced garment is to make the garment look trim even when unbuttoned.  Smart men want the comfort of an unbuttoned jacket and an extra pinch when buttoned. When a garment is cut for you (and not for the retailor) it is balanced at the shoulders. This creates an even hemline that is no longer in the back than the front or vice versa. This fact and a collar that hugs the neck is key to accessing the shaping powers of a good wool.

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