For those who want style and cloth choice, this service uses a ½ canvas construction comparable to the “Z Zegna” or” Hugh Boss” line. “ 22 Measurements” taken. fr $595 available 4 weeks. 2 week service $795

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It’s good to know a tailor that cuts on premise. Custom or bespoke suits are the terms used when a garment is more than measured but cut from a pattern made for you. Be aware and satisfied see fit at

Keep in mind few will retailers will dare to mention these details for fear of re-tailoring the whole suit for you. Authentic fit starts with the “x “factor is used so a man always looks good, not just when he is buttoned. A cheap Made to Measure look good at first, but wrinkles may appear due to improper balance. (note; rumples can be pressed out and cotton is considered casual not always to be fussed over)

Samson’s garments with brand cloth can last 10 years. Consider an extra coordinated or second slack to double the outfits life. This critical thinking is part of branding yourself via your smart image.

Too tight slacks will wear out within a year. So being comfortable when sitting down is critical, as well when standing up pant pockets must lay flat.

What makes the world’s most expensive personally hand cut suits is when the garment maintains its new fit due to authentic fit This maintains your garments look for a strong image.

Letting us see you will best brief you on your authentic needs.