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Time to feel the results of some maintenance.

Authentic Bespoke

Steve Pelman saw the need for standards of tailored fit in the early 1970’s. His following was in the heyday of The Saturday Night Fever Era. Slack styles such have been popular have never been seen since. Today is a wash and wear era, but the idea of completing a casual wardrobe with one perfect suit is still in demand. Steve still cuts on premise for rush orders only. This is a practice that authenticates original methods and the precursor of the retail era that is the real tailored era. As well as a tailor or tailoring designer completes a flat cloth to perfect sculpted shape for enduring purposes, a man completes his wardrobe with one perfect suit.

Made To Measure Leather

Made to Measure Shoes from Spain With the market of high end shoes exploding in cost, you may want to consider Our made to measure design and fit. We build proper leather shoes that last to replaceable soles. This and a subtle designer nuance that we will share with you will add to your comfortable fit and enduring pleasure. Fr $475 3 week delivery


Career Success

If you don’t understand that you are a brand,

possibly you are not happy with your work.

Being your own brand is a statement about doing a good job.

My newsletter goes out to 2 types of people,

those that aren’t happy with their clothing or their work

and those who have no work and may consider becoming a tailoring designer with my online course.

Part time or full time income and fun-come, its everyone’s business to dress to respect… and that is a webinar all on its own.


Misfits That Shorten Your Suit Life

Real tailoring or true bespoke is the craft of shaping wool comfortably to the body so there are no wrinkles. Here are 12 tailors’ misfits you should avoid.



Steve Pelman

Steve Pelman from Samson’s is one of the very few established tailoring designers in Vancouver. Since 1973, Steve as a cutter for hand tailors has accumulated knowledge of fitting issues towards arguably the world’s best garments. He is known for defining the difference between suit “wrinkles” from poor fit and “rumples” from casual or tired cloth. For building reasonable wardrobes as men’s “Brand Aids” in a world of boys’ suits that are common as hasty band-aids. He says, “Delayed gratification, curiosity, and study is for men”.

Steve’s goals are to democratizing proper fit via online training and using the global economy for mid-range markets.

His passion is to memorialize tailoring standards nearly lost in the European wars. As well to extend the potential of gentlemen as competent & compassionate when they dress “to” respect. He intends to be forefront in men’s pride so they don’t take dressing too seriously, so they can complete their wardrobes while they study to invest in themselves through better life skills and habits.

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We produce custom and bespoke suits, shirts, and slacks.
We also offer groom packages and made-to-measure, alteration, and measuring services.