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Authentic Bespoke

Samsons saw the need for standards of tailored fit in the early 1970’s. Steve’s clientele was in the heyday of The Saturday Night Fever. Since then, Vancouver wool slack styles have never had that variety. Today’s wash and wear could possibly aspire to fill that gap, but without wool fails the elegance. Steve still cuts jackets and slacks from the bolt on premise (for rush orders only.) This authentic practice is the most direct to consumer consummate experience. The world’s best garment sculpts a flat piece of cloth so the shape of the body keeps the garment looking new longer.

Made To Measure Leather

Made to Measure Shoes from Spain With the market of high end shoes exploding in cost, you may want to consider Our made to measure design and fit. We build proper leather shoes that last to replaceable soles. This and a subtle designer nuance that we will share with you will add to your comfortable fit and enduring pleasure. Fr $475 3 week delivery


Misfits That Shorten Your Suit Life

Real tailoring or true bespoke is the craft of shaping wool comfortably to the body so there are no wrinkles. Here are 12 tailors’ misfits you should avoid.


Steve Pelman

Steve Pelman from Samson’s is one of the very few established tailoring designers in Vancouver. Since 1973, Steve as a cuts for rush orders for jacket and pant makers. When a garment cant be improved for fit, its arguably the best in your world. More than being a consumer, your experience and minor education is key to the suit making the man. “Brand aids are just band-aids”. He says, “Delayed gratification, is for men”.

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We produce custom and bespoke suits, shirts, and slacks.
We also offer groom packages and made-to-measure, alteration, and measuring services.