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Steve Samson introduces Sartorial Skype Scanning Service.

Rather than shopping more people are researching online, not just for style and color, but for quality such as the right cut as well. Once you have a tailoring designer who wants to know you and has your back (measurements) you be in good company to build your personal brand and sartorial pleasure. Rather than visiting a store and having to go back for alterations, Suitstyler MTM cuts to your measurements while we try to solve any fit issues before you order. As our quality is direct, you get better value and benefits.

With skype we oversee the taking of your measurements as well as scanning your body shape to get you a remarkable improvement from a ready made garment. Our 2 suit package allows you to get your first suit at no charge on a 2 suit order of $1595. The first suit would be a from a summer cotton or entry level all wool solid. We make one suit or jacket/slack first to be sure of your comfort. The second suit would then be promptly made from your choice in a finer fabric. These two tailored outfits could cover your summer and winter tailoring needs.

Cloths available are all classic, so you are welcome to choose from google images as for men’s tailored suits or sports jacket and slack looks.

Simply email us with your skype number. Our Skype address is stevesamson51.