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Wedding Packages

An Authentic Experience for the Men

Samson’s own Seymour studio off the Granville street bridge is a perfect private venue to serve groom and groomsmen.Meeting early with a bride is a benefit as with our tie colour sets a bride can begin with the colours of her choice for the perfect end result. It’s all too often guys run around at the last minute shopping stress. Steve Pelman designer, focuses on listening, measuring, designing, fitting and coordinating to your event colours for the harmony befitting your partnership.

To make your event stress free, begin with the end in mind choose to match up all other dress fabrics and even flowers. Choose from our excellent & reasonable silks for matching ties, bow-ties and hankies and even matching cufflinks. Say wow with colour coordination at your wedding.

See our Groomsmen videos to add to the anticipation of getting the boys together.

Known for BespokeCut on Premise”Fittings

With your early interview of your designer, we will be able to see a grooms tailoring needs, you he will better assess clothing salesmen’s expertise when shopping. Keep in mind proper fit is a universal understanding and a great ice breaker when greeting a groom.  Poor tailoring is not talked about. Choosing experience at a reasonable fee is a wise choice. Authenticity includes being able to make a slack overnight or a suit in a week. This is a relief for many a stressed couple whose previous tailor has failed them.


Suitstyler is here to give value for your wedding party. Much better than off the rack for cloth choice and no alteration costs, Suitstyler throws in the expertise of a seasoned custom tailor for measurements.

Consider their groomsmen package with vest, slack white shirt and boxed tie set from $249 Designer custom shirt with coordinated vest $295. MTM Suit packages from $495

Unlike most made to measure services, where the fit will vary depending on each man’s body, Samson’s offers an optional paid pattern-work and authentic fitting. Orders must be booked 3 months in advance for these prices. *

(Minimum 3 groomsmen)