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What is Tailoring?

Tailoring is defined as that which can be tailored, generally shirts, slacks, sportsjackets, suits and coats.These can be altered to a degree , cut from a standard pattern, or cut to one’s personal pattern. Cutting and fitting needs skill to cut and shape a garment. The value of a good wool is the tailoring to cut the garment into position so the body maintains rather than contorts the fit. In todays competitive here today gone tomorrow brands, a reputable wool is best used shape to the body. If a garment is not balanced or positioned, wool cannot be effectively shaped. The more form or sculpting, the more function as a silhouette integrating the jacket and slacks.

What is authentic tailoring?

1) A suit jacket should stay closed without buttoning.

2) A pant should have 4 complete vertical creases waist to hem,

3) When trying on slacks, do try sitting down.

4) Pockets should sit flat when standing up

5) Any wrinkles (not press able rumples) should be questioned.

What are the values in Tailoring?

Values or beginning with the end in mind are prudent.
1) A good tailor will impart those values so much higher than the cost making your expense more as an investment in yourself, rather than sabotage.

2) It valuable to know and recognize a successful fit on the streets today. When you know fit you can support your contacts who may go farther and do worse without your input.

3) Self-respect and personal investment in one’s habits, weight and shape.

4) A quick suit is often a band aid for the boys. A good suit is a brand-aid for men and the key to the city.

Who is a Tailor?

In the simplest form, the act of tailoring is cutting, fitting and sculpting a woven wool cloth to 95% of a body’s shape. This was done since SAville Row in England 17th C. This allows the body to maintain and charm garment shape. Tailoring-design is 21st C. term for cutting and designing a garment to the body. Tailoring Designers utilize technology more than tailors, such proprietary features as Skype Scanners and control of factory cutting programs to allow designers to consistent fit and clientele creation. A bespoke cut from a tailor or tailoring designer is authenticated when the same person that measures, cuts and fits within a day or two.

Why Tailoring is important?

Most important tailoring off the rack along with fashion in general is the world’s second worst waster of  energy and resources after oil. Tailoring is anti-fashion. Its about substance and second impression more than fashion’s first impression and planned obsolescence. Knowing and acquiring perfect fit is not subjective, but objective and either correct or not. With each garment you send a statement others that you cant afford to buy off the rack for garments made for nobody in particular that often get discounted and disposed. Before the web men had to learn fit by trial and error. At this point poor fit is still no ones business and one may not be pointed at. The regaining of tailoring standards via the web is important to move forward our 20th C consumerism to 21st. C and awareness of one’s personal culture. Many still fall into the sinkhole of brand “worshopping”, easy come easy go lip serviced, surface fashion. On line tailoring reviews research is important as it creates value to be far higher than the cost, making acquisition more enjoyable.

Good tailoring shows thoughtful respect for ones bodily parameters and tailoring shows your ability to commit as a man. Most men rightly so, have a distaste for shopping. Knowing authentic tailoring standards and having enjoyable service is every gentlemen’s right, so he can build wardrobes rather than always replacing them.