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Wardrobe Packages

Suitmaking direct brings you value from cutting out the middlemen. More than just a designer cloth we use floating canvas for better shaping and longer lasting jacket. Unlike many hand tailors who may produce a homemade looking garment we take pride in an professional Italian finish.

Bespoke cutting on premise provides you with the best standards of fit that retailers dare not talk about.  See Such things as balanced jackets that stay closed without buttoning or jacket collars that hug the neck are essential for a garment to maintain its shape and last. Slacks that are slim but not too tight are classic for investment quality.

At Samson’s with all cloth available on premise $1495. With Barbaris, Loro Piana, Zegna or Cerrutti Cloth up to $3500 . (  Elsewhere off the rack $1700 – $4900)

Try a  brief consultation can reveal more relevant personal value.

Suitstyler 2 suits $1495

Two suit choices can cover your work and pleasure needs. You can choose from two most classic wardrobe colour range groups that coordinate best with the majority of dress shirtings.  Or something less usual, like olive/brown,  two suit choices can cover you for till you decide that tailoring design is the best way to build your wardrobe efficiently. Double your pleasure with bespoke fit.

Three Suits- Six Shirts – 3 extra slacks Foundation $3695

A wardrobe foundation is purposely for building rather than replacing your wardrobe.With all classic suit weights cloth,given extra slacks, you can double the life of your wardrobe.With addition over time you can maintain this foundation even longer.Expect at least twelve designer coordinated outfits from this package.

Four Suits or Jacket and Slacks – 8 coordinated shirts- 4 extra coordinated slacks minimum 12 -16 outfits  $ 4900 to $8900

Most men by piecemeal, without planning and  buying on the price conscious side. This is forgivable but can be hipocracy. This is due to the concept of quality lasting. Rather than be concerned about the price, one must consider cost per wear and how long a garment can last.

I have garments here that men bought from outside stores and never wore. GArments that lasted only 2 years and not 10.  Intellegence and means understands this. Intelligence and means rotates their wardrobe.  This is brand aid rather than band aid.

This coordinated wardrobe will give many multiple outfits. It’s accessibility, once perfected in the first suit will allow us to complete the balance of the wardrobes in weeks. This prompt non shopping shift in ones image, allows our client to focus more on paying forward their pleasure by returning compliments, rather than nervously dropping brand names.