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Weddings Party Service

"Service for Success"

A wedding we tailored is about hiring someone experienced. So that your experience is best assured to be good, if not great. In this old craft confusion and stress is often experienced by the customer. Often at the last minute a  tailors will blame the customers body, this is the state of the industry today and the reason people to not dress well in the west. More than just taking measurements and ordering 2 months ahead you need qualified if not personal recommendations, not just web reviews. The problem is that there will always be someone that fits very well and others that do not fit as well in a lineup of groomsmen. No one wants to be the odd man out. Many so called tailors have no extra cloth nor can make on premise for emergencies. Many tailors are really just order takers with varying amounts of experience. As online reviews can be fabricated, actually seeing the work on someone who has previous bad experiences is the best validation.  We support wedding parties for success.

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