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rightYour newly purchased rack or made to measure suit may look good at first, but permanent wrinkles* from poor tailoring will develop if it’s not an authentic cut. (*disregard rumples from casual cottons or casual styles) . With tailoring-design now you cut out the middlemen for this authenticity and the value of enduring looks, selection and personal service. Authentic cut’s creates the “x” factor. This means a jacket will to hug your waste even while unbuttoned and still stay closed. This creates an “x” with lapel and front opening. With wool slacks, poor fit even when sitting will reduce slack and therefore suit life. The garments should be in place to be shaped slightly further by the body. Often garments contort against the body making a garment look old, or worse making you look hasty.

At Samson’s we encourage smart building of wardrobes rather than repeating lower standards of fit and service. A proper designed wardrobe foundation allows you to add to your wardrobe, much like a god investor has a base and adds comfortably higher risk items to his portfolio.

Understanding the craft and the craftsman is a benefit to your satisfaction and possibly your pride in keeping yourself in good taste and in shape. Today most measure to measure may have a nice finish, but rarely succeed in create this kind of unbuttoned balance that keeps a garment looking new. The best is where fit starts out great and gets better as the body shapes the wool even further. Samson’s builds your strong image.

With a brief appointment you will be advised as to your specific quality needs for new looks to last.

Our products and services;

4) Alterations- Lets have a look at how you vary from ready made garments. Email us for an appointment.

3) Rack Samples – For those that do need a prompt quality product we have samples on the rack from $295.

2) Suitstyler -Made to Measure – For those that need only 8 measurements taken, who want style and cloth choice. fr $495 or $695 available in 14 days.

1) Samson Bespoke or Tailoring-Design service – Assures the “x” fit factor. This enables a proper silhouette or new looks at all times. Steve Pelman cuts on premise within two days for world class web standards of fit. from $1295 We respect your time and make individual patterns that can be used in future purchases for prompt convenience. Make an appointment and we will serve you cappuccino or espresso. For grooms and groomsmen suit packages, even better blended beverages will be served. 604-682-7848 or email [email protected]