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Oppression is not a nice thing, but there is a silver lining. 

 I would start by looking at history as well as oppression in China, Venezuela or where ever there is a situation. Usually it is worse than in North America. Some of the most accomplished persons were not Caucasian. Today is even more opportunity to provide value and service to the world through learning with online videos where the best of the best is free. Your ability to be enlightened with change you choose is personal, compassionate and passionate. It’s quantum and like all evolution, the more resistance you get as you move in space,  the stronger or the more light you can reflect when you see deeper to who you are. In quantum physics it was electricity that created light when passing through resistance. this is universal.

Don’t watch Shelby Steele, if you feel oppressed, be ready. I recommend your favourite alcohol will make you more ready. And there are research justifications for this bi cranial mental alertness when the line for quantity of alcohol is set.

Beyond Intelligence; Talent and persistence are qualities that put food on our table. 

Tailoring designer will get beyond your hopes and offer intentions and a job description that is creative. Along with your new community ideas that will cash you in and into the bank or investments, like most all of us have had to do. Like any job the first month is the hardest but that become easier and easier. Having your own business that you can sell and being your own man ( or woman) helps too. 

Qualities that help us break through inertia to perform and plan the work each day

Being the boss is planning the work , then change hats and work the plan. This is inbred in our genes, it’s the hunt or the planting of seeds for the critical harvest before winter. This is called whole brain use that is far more than dragging up information from our cerebral cortex. It’s the limbic and amygdala or animal brain that gives us razor sharp reactions to opportunities. Just don’t over react stay present. You can learn this from a dog! Playing sports, performing and cold showers offer the same whole brain use to perform and be perfectly present. Learning data and high level of education are only a recent addition to civilization in the last 400 years. (Since about the time that the tailored suit in Saville row was developed in what was then London the worlds largest city.)

 Learning a straight job is often being a cog is dry with a dead ceiling salary.

Although part of your plan may be to have your own side gig is smart and ambitious. Being a Tailoring Designer does take loving life and loving people. Even with their scruples and hippocracies. This skills can even get you a second job from your client! But as a TD keep in mind clients can be fickle and challenging to ask them the question that makes them listen up and respect you. Tailoring designers have a job anytime of self improvement and socializing to improve their contact quantity and qualities.

Life is a long road, hopefully. It has many illusions that make us fail. Your job is to let men know  a poor fitting suit is far more that a material thing. Its their illusion that its only material as if a fabulous brand car is only a car. With suits its only a convenience belief. 

Steve Pelman


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