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Bespoke Suits that Dehumanize

Mass production of suits are dehumanizing. This is due to the fact that men are intimidated by costs and not knowing the value an enduring garment and personal signature from tailoring details of fit. They fear potential the cost without realizing the impact of less stress on a garment that will wear it out. This fact is mislaid as men that think tailoring is fashion and hence changes are sorely or at least frivolously mistaken. This is evident when men that buy classic style rather than fashion, build wardrobes rather than replace them. With this reality they semi retire garments and when they wear old suits again, to others seem new and actually get compliments. As well for cost concerns, with tailoring designers men can cut out the middlemen. Samsons-Suitstyler now competes with that is owned by Amazon, both cutting out the retailor. Men that buy fashion often have not had their father to take them to a real tailor shop for classic quality. With, the mistakes most tailors make revealed pay forward the tips of a successful humanizing garment. Simply revealed is the garment or wearers integrity manifested by a sculpted body and an integrated elongating silhouette. 

 Men who don’t dress are often too serious about dressing. They don’t see the adventure and pleasure in finding their own “look”that merges courage and intelligence with conviction. This syndrome is really dehumanizing as men may never conceive virtual completion of their wardrobe. Something that seems only men or self realized people could do. Without completion women own us as boy toys.

Men often think that if women dress then to be masculine they dont need to do so. This is a style in itself and often helps if possible to develop character, maybe even some charm and class, so that first suit really looks good!  Its about brain use, to show up, with subtle pride and making rapport in your world. 

A Tailoring Designers careeis seeking those out that strive creatively, not the ones that are in a rut, forgetting their initial vision or reason for will. Life is often an illusion about forgotten values and confusion cynicism with realism and new data when being present with people you were formerly biased against.  A great TD will have a rich presence and countenance to support men that need to align new values around good taste, new diet, new tailor and new goals with your support.

Men need a personal investment in themselves, that they create whether its about weight, about achieving goals or about simply showing they understand the difference between a wrinkle from poor fit and a tired cloth. What men get is a personal sense that is not dehumanizing.


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