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Mercenaries against Misfit Suits

 Men aren’t satisfied with average suits An  army of tailoring designers can democratize the tailored suit (to make available to all men) We need tactics that prompt mens integrity for self respect and knowledge of what tailored fit. This is where comes in as the world’s only mens tailored shopping app. Men and women will research more before shopping. Before they buy on sale and get stuck with an unsuitable bad compromise or worse at a 3rd party local tailor shop.

We must as in war against fraudulent suits, rebuild our self respect and economy.  Men are getting massacred by brands and sales. In war Einstein said, “War is the failure of the imagination”. Men as a rule who wear suits are not artists, but worker bees. Tailoring Designers make men look and feel good . A consumer culture without fundamental values such as health is a red flag. The tailored suit represents that health and personal concern against bad shape.  This is more personal and feasible than the retail salesmen’s personal connection. Retail overheads are in question today.

Their tailor that does not know or care about their clients other than the material product is just making a living. A tailoring designer is a good point man, a guide that a salesmen is not likely to provide such direct quality and trained service. TD use international standards such as Even retailors with tailored integrity may be impressed enough to sign on to the site, to advocate those standards and have their name listed in your city. Their salesman may even be impressed enough to become a TD!

In classic tailoring we incorporate the values of the past with innovation. TD in the 21st C. is a fight to democratize all men’s sartorial integrity, as well to show up and be present. Many insipid men fade into neutrality in casual clothing and uninspired behaviour. Ideally you want to be both animated, charming and well dressed, like an actor. A TD  will fight for the reputation of the suit as a craft of hundreds of years of tailors for the purpose of close comfort that he assures. A Td’s habits and will, preparation and practice will bring the metaphoric significance of the suit for each of your clients desires and purposes. When a TD know’s his client’s drive, he works to protect their good image and augment the possibilities for them. A TD’s study of tactics and respect for his contacts are his strategy for the prospect of a whole wardrobe package. This is the key for tailoring in the 21st C “Wardrobe Packages” that TD’s offer. This century will offer no fooling around with sales, salesmen and lack of fundamental standards of fit where retailors that don’t retailor properly.


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