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Is Tailoring Design Training Relevant?

TD is relevant as it’s the missing link, between the old industry of hand cut on premise and the retail store that does not re-tailor to standards. In order to inspire more homemade tailors, having online standards respected will prompt the old craft. The idea of being independent as a craftsman appeal to many. To build their own brand and not have to promote is the ideal.These are a special service for those that order last minute. Some simply want to buy direct for less. The creation of tailoring design for the bulk of smart men will create a revival. This made to measure service will compete with both ready made and made on premise, when men are prompted to think ahead. This is part of the Suitstyler Marketing Mandate. There is a huge middle ground for the democratized or popular values inherent in the integrity of fit. The TD movement and MTM can be an equalizer for men of different incomes. This means that if you are well dressed and well spoken and even better, your chances of meeting all sorts of potential clients and even friends. The is key to be independent and be constant support, rather than constant sales. This available status is justified by the revelation that in the west many wealthy people will dress casually when in public. A reasonable or even high end well fit made to measure suit fit shows talent, not always wealth. As a man’s suit reveals his tailoring knowledge and decision making skills, this puts men on an equal playing field in a dressed meeting. However brief your meeting, a great tailored fit is worth a 1000 words. If not exclamatory it’s effect is subconscious. It strong form becomes the frame for one’s words and presence. This is a chance for “your people talents”, measurements skill and confidence creation as tailoring designer, to serve better than making a hand cut and sewn suit. This is a chance for TD to support their prospects qualities, rather than just appear to be hungry salesmen. A chance to remind them of their qualities and challenge them someday to rise to the suitable challenge. It’s a TD job to get men to revel without a cause and not just dress for occasions. This is the smart alternative to taking 5 years to learn how to become a suit-maker and cutter. A TD has the responsibility to remind clients they have a reputation to protect. You need to show commitment to them while garnishing their appreciation. You need to remind them that mature men mark time with buying a suit, by setting goals, celebrating and going forward. Most men don’t celebrate a success, because it’s work or they have impostor syndrome. But when one celebrates with each achieved goal, it’s smart enjoyable public relations


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