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Career as a Tailoring Designer

  1. TD is Fun and Creative once you have a team.
     You may want to find a local dry cleaner to do your alterations. It there is any need for re-cutting of backs, sleeves or pants you will need to use a professional tailor. Firstly focus on this course. 
  2. If you are less motivated in selling or have maybe less people skills
    , you may want to learn to do basic sewing alterations, such as on pant hems, waists, thighs or dress shirt darts and sleeve shortening. This should be available on YouTube. If not we will produce videos showing you how. This way you can slowly maximize your profit with convenience. Then later your confidence and people skills will develop naturally to be more mobility and networking.
  3. Initial contact of prospects start with noticing subjects personal qualities and as well noting issues with their clothing fit, preferably minor. This is key your chat and subsequent introducing your services if not offering alterations as a gift to continue friendship. 
  4. After making contact, be prepared to talk about commonality. This can boil down to news or recent events. Helpful for confidence in case you run out of conversation. You can always leave them with a smile and your card. If they seem interested ask them for their card that you may send them an article of interest. This is up to you to find something based on their values and interest. 
  5.  Your unique high end class & character combination and low overhead can make you good friends. But be careful your not buying friends, its your business and “their own self respect” in terms of dressing only as their frame, that you are offering. This dignified service with word of mouse and mouth can spread for you. In time you will earn the respect of customers for new suits.

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