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The Groomsmen’s Dilemma

The made to measure suit is having a cynical reception from the groomsmen when a groom and fiancee ask them to buy instead of rent. If a couple does not contribute some costs, often the suit  ends up in the closet, subject to moths. The suit for many young men is becoming an opportunity to approach manhood. The problem is most fathers do not understand the suit as a craft of completion and a strong metaphor for “delayed gratification”. A term popular today on youtube with regard to common youth issues.
 Very few men take their son anymore to a tailor shop. For the last 70 years the modern world has been a car culture. It was the car and oil that replaced the suit as a symbol of success in accomplishment or credit. Now millenials are showing a new trend away from owning a vehicle and towards having it made in a suit. Mostly the sons are on their own, reduced to being consumers and missing the experience of their own authenticity in a sea of misfits. Their purchase criteria was often left by their mothers early frivolous fashion influence. Again haste makes waste in this world’s second most energy ridden industry. Today a great fit is not expensive, so every man’s pride and purpose is at stake. The event should be a great launch and gift to the groomsmen.
A really good tailoring designer will act like a lifelong mentor, otherwise boys remain boys around cleaning up, manhood and responsibility in this relationship.  Benefits come when groomsmen realize’s this responsibility to check in on the couple over the years and  be available. This shows maturity as a life long friend to the groom. Here the groom can be able to count on his guys for support on the homefront or at least a sporty distraction. Lets not forget to have some resolution before drinking that last drink. Groomsmen are witness to a serious commitment in spite of various statistics. “ With Vancouver’s 4000 Weddings per year there will be 3% of couples separating within 5 years. This is about 120. Half will have children. Broken or unhealthy homes cost us all and this is a trend that needs buffering.
Groomsmen responsibilities have a silver lining  in their purchase ;
 #1 The value of authenticity via fit as a metaphor for completion.

#2 Supporting a local tailor as a lifelong value,rather than a brand .

#3 The suit is part of etiquette or a ticket for men to interface and brand themselves in there neighbourhoods smarter venues.  

#4  The wedding event is an opportunity to share family values and the community a wedding creates.

#5 As we know a wedding party can be fun, especially when there is social consideration and gentlemanly behaviour.

#6 Looking and being one’s best is a smart ritual and vehicle. The material confidence of a great garment is accompanied by a grateful, generous or magnanimous attitude. The suit is a respectable frame and propellant for the wearers best behaviour.

#7 Human DNA is manifested with self grooming,Civilization subscribes a more subconscious ritual as it carries forward DNA as grooming. The pleasurably ritual of a shower, a shave and a suit is timeless. This human adventure is also about dynamic change and potential in a changing social world. For those who lack optimization, as they say, “Depressed? Then get dressed!

Steve Pelman , owner of “Samsons”  – Tailoring designer, son of “Pucky” Pelman of  Sams Shirt Shop since 1951 in Vancouver.


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