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Mass Customization

TailoringDesign & Mass Customization

Buckminster Fuller’s Trim Tab Effect states that business is the trim tab that turns the rudder that directs the ship. Today’s economic outlook is poised to consider old economies that have a history of creating employment. Tailoring design and the use of online Shopping App called will dominate this new industry and men’s satisfaction and integrity with a garment. This is important to have not just new suit compliments but even better old suit compliments. This site and online training is key to overcoming the inertia.

These fundamental activities would add greatly to the GDP fulfilling values while stabilizing the economy. As it did in Savile Row in the 17th C and the eastern seaboard in the 19th C and today in China.

Tailoring-Design is the newest form of Suitmaking that Steve Pelman will be training online. Mr. Pelman’s cutting and fitting experience is as important as the making of the garment.It directs proper measurements and shape of a bespoke tailored suit. As well he will be able to train best students on premise to work with hand tailors in various cities. This is key for students authentic reputation as well as effective made to measure production.

 Made to Measure suits, due to hi tech equipment, creates a better finished product than hand made or home made.. Although the standards of fit would vary from customer to customer. Tailoring Design was created in Vancouver Canada in the early 1990’s due to recent digital advances allowing designers to work for factories without being in factories, creating a hybrid service, part bespoke part MTM, but still factory direct. This allows highly competitive service and the economies of scale and value for businessmen to create a Trimtab Effect

The proliferation of the web reviews, and consumer complaints against stores and tailors that do not follow these standards of fit will expose poor service while accelerating consumer satisfaction. These sensibilities are documented as part of the future called Mass Customization

Here exist some substantial benefits individuals in the modern world

. Whole Tailor Designed Wardrobes  are now available for professional prudent priced business people. Its acceptance is gold for new tailoring designers who are the only factory middlemen. Their success is enough exposure to reverberate to other niche employments that would support local and national economies for a more stable world.


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